Bonsai Namaste

Bonsai Namaste is an initiative by Prajakta Kale, a Pune based bonsai artist. Her collection of over 800 artistic bonsais inspired her vision of hosting India's largest bonsai convention in collaboration with her partners. The convention would invite bonsai masters from across the globe to conduct workshops and introduce enthusiasts to the art of bonsai.

We designed a logo for the 'Bonsai Namaste' convention, keeping in mind its nature-centric element. The visual identity was further extended into an event branding in Pune for the actual convention. We also created custom t-shirts, wayfinding signages and colour-coded attendee passes with a complete event schedule to enhance the overall experience of the event. We also undertook the curation and branding of the Bonsai Namaste gift bag given to all the workshop attendees.

Logo Design
Brand Strategy
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The Logo & Brand Identity

The Bonsai Namaste logo originates from 4 key factors:

- The shape of the tree is inspired by the client's bonsai collection.

- 'Namaste', which is a respectful gesture to greet or welcome someone, is represented as the trunk of the bonsai tree.

- Since the peepal tree is deemed to be auspicious in India, its shape is integrated into the logo.

- Saffron was chosen to be the primary colour owing to its significance in the Indian tricolour flag.

The Event

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