Lex Plan IT is a web-based legal practice management software, specifically designed for law practitioners in India. It helps streamline the entire workflow of a wide array of legal practices, proving to be a highly efficient tool for lawyers, and a cost-effective solution for their clients.

This being an interesting collaboration between lawyers and software engineers, we conceived a name for the brand and complemented it with a modern look and feel that not only caters to large legal corporations but also private practitioners. The brand took the form of a mobile app and a software platform.

Company Naming
Logo Design

Brochure Design
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The name Lex Plan IT is a play on the phrase 'Lets Plan It'.
The gavel-shaped logo is meant to draw an instant connection with the legal fraternity.
The brand offers lawyers a secure and intuitive software to organise all their legal paperwork.

Ashrafi Amirudin
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